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Rowan White Photography has covered the interiors and exteriors of many buildings throughout the UK. Their enthusiastic and innovative approach has allow them to produce eye-catching photography that complements the image of businesses within Dorset, Wiltshire & Hampshire as well as many companies across Great Britain.

With 25 years of expertise Rowan White Photography is able to capture the feeling of being in and around a built environment. The team helps businesses establish the concept to be captured by providing creative ideas and setting the scene to obtain the most beautiful images.

From providing the appropriate lighting for interiors to considering the best weather to photograph a building, Noel White and his team offer a unique and personalized approach to architectural and interior photography.

“We will work with our clients to convert their interiors & buildings into beautiful images that allow the structures and designs to come to life”.

Noel White Director

Rowan White Photography work has made businesses win international awards including “Best New Centre Interior in the World”. This award is judged in the USA solely on the photos of the interior. Other awards include The Glulam Award, which is a European Award for Timber Structures. Rowan White Photography made the architects that designed the structure win this award judged purely on the photos without any physical visits from the judges to the building.

Professional images of a company premises can significantly add value to a business and therefore we pride ourselves in offering a professional, attention to detail and ‘good-value for money’ service that fits the needs of Corporations as well as small independent businesses.

Our services have been commissioned by Architects & Interior Design Firms, Developers, Hotel Chains, Independent Retail Shops and more. For any interior and exterior photography service that is friendly and innovative contact Rowan White Photography and you will be provided with the best service at the best price.

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